The Dodgers who hit ’em the hardest in 2015

By Cary Osborne

Which Dodgers hit the ball the hardest in 2015?

According to, the answer is Joc Pederson and Yasmani Grandal.

Pederson’s average exit velocity was 92.00 miles per hour.

On May 5, he hit a lineout off Matt Garza that left his bat at 114 mph, his hardest-hit ball all season.

The above 441-foot home run by Pederson on May 2 was fed by a 94.7 mph fastball by Evan Marshall and went bleacher bound at 111 mph.

Grandal tied for the 13th-hardest hit ball in 2015 at 115 mph, a single hit April 24 against San Diego’s Andrew Cashner. In the same game, Grandal smoked balls that exited his bat at 103 and 100 mph also off Cashner.

The Dodger catcher ranked 41st with an average exit velocity of 91.58 mph.

Yasiel Puig was the next Dodger, ranking 53rd overall at 91.06 mph.

Baseball’s exit-speed champion in 2015 was Giancarlo Stanton, who averaged 97.73 mph. He also hit the two hardest balls of the season — each at 120 mph. One of those was May 12 against Mike Bolsinger, and it wasn’t the 475-foot home run that left Dodger Stadium, which happened on the same day. That ball left Stanton’s bat at 114 mph.

This is what 120 mph looks like:


This is when I eye roll at Sabermetrics. It doesn’t matter how hard a ball is hit, if it’s caught it’s an out, and looks as good as a weak grounder in the scorebook, if a duck fart bloops in it’s a hit, and looks as good as a line drive in the scorebook.

Your issue may be more with probabilities than with sabermetrics.

Occasionally luck (finding a seam in the defense with a bloop) prevails over “good” (hitting the ball hard right at someone). But over time skill trumps luck. As Paul said though our hard hitters (Joc, Puig, Yasmani) have to make more consistent contact in order to take true advantage of their skills in hitting the ball hard.

I would greatly prefer, as I am sure nearly all Dodger fans, that these two made more contact. When you strike out, the offense makes no progression.

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