Vin Scully on cover of Sports Illustrated


Vin Scully is the subject of an eloquent cover story by Tom Verducci for Sports Illustrated that you can see here.

— Jon Weisman


It’s too bad, he has Sports Illustrated bamboozled too

Because you speak does not guarantee that anything intelligent emerges.

While everybody is entitled to an opinion, in my opinion you are a JERK, Vin Scully is the greatest announcer in history of baseball broadcasting. There is NO downside to his talent and knowledge of the game.

Can everyone please keep the conversation here civil? In a thread on Vin Scully, of all people, whether you like him as a broadcaster or not, I think we can at least be respectful of him and of others. Thank you.

I was being respectful. If I wrote what I really thought, it would not be printable.

jpavko is just a troll, Vin wouldn’t let it get under his skin, and neither should we allow a troll to tarnish this mans legacy. Leave him be, the masses know an idiot when they see one and instead enjoy the accolades this man deserves (and more)!

vin Scully is a small g god. He is the last of what is truly Dodgers to me.
Others may not get the love affair Dodgers fans have with Vin, but I don’t give a flying ****. When you know, you know, and nothing haters spew is gonna change that.

Love to Vin forever, from a lifelong Dodger fan.

It is not respectful or civil to call people names in a public forum, even if you’re leaving out profanity. I’m not asking for much here.

I apologize if my comment was inappropriate. It just irks me when someone slams Vin Scully. I notice the individual making the comment offers no explanation of his crude comment.

Probably a SF Giants fan?

Leonard Chang–Jon Weisman just asked you to be respectful and not call people names, and then you went and called someone the worst thing imaginable!

First, lovely article. Second, several minor errors (for example, Walter O’Malley did not and could not block the “Game of the Week” from LA. The rule at the time was that the network baseball telecasts didn’t air in ANY major league city). Third, SI has one of the worst functioning websites I’ve ever seen. Fourth, Jon, if we can maintain the civility rule when discussing the bullpen, we can maintain it anywhere.

Obviously a comment from Mike Piazza…

What bullpen? Bullpens are supposed to have relief pitchers, not batting practice pitchers. Jansen is the only bull! The rest are only calves.

John’s comment “Probably a SF Giant fan” also inappropriate. While a Giant fan since ’58, I marvel and enjoy the golden tones of Vin Scully as well as recorded interviews with his mentor, Red Barber. If you love The Game, you see things Bigger.

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