Puig on the play: ‘I got confused’

By Jon Weisman

When it was all over, Yasiel Puig and Dave Roberts discussed the highs and lows of Puig’s day after today/tonight’s 17-inning Dodger victory.

His ninth-inning baserunning mishap during A.J. Ellis’ bunt was in the back of Puig’s mind when he drove in the game-winning runs, eight innings later, according to The Associated Press:

… “The infield was playing in so I had to put the ball in play,” Puig said through an interpreter. “I had to do something to help my team, especially after the baserunning I did, when I didn’t run, when Ellis hit the bunt, and I was able to make up for it.”

In the ninth, Puig hit a leadoff single against Fernando Rodney and took second on a wild pitch. A.J. Ellis bunted, but Puig didn’t take third, even though it was open because Yangervis Solarte fielded the bunt. Ellis raised his arms in frustration after seeing that Puig didn’t advance. (Carl) Crawford lifted a fly ball to shallow left that might have brought in Puig.

“I got confused,” Puig said. “I just didn’t run. That’s it.”

Manager Dave Roberts said he was “shocked” when Puig didn’t run.

“A.J. squared early and in that situation, everyone in the ballpark knew what was going to happen,” Roberts said. “He executed and made the third baseman field the baseball, so after you see the execution, you’re waiting for the baserunner to advance and it didn’t happen, so I was shocked.

“There was no sign,” Roberts said. “The ball’s just in front of you and you see it.”

Had Roberts talked to Puig about it?

“We’re still enjoying this moment so I haven’t had a chance to revisit the moment,” he said. …


After the game winning hit we can forgive the aggravating but lovable meathead

Not to blame the whole team but they are playing like their a little perplexed.

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