Farm fresh: Bellinger, Verdugo and Calhoun heating up in Tulsa

By Cary Osborne

Frisco Rough Riders manager Joe Mikulik, a skipper with a reputation for off-the wall arguments, went nuclear again on Tuesday in a game in Tulsa against the Dodgers’ Double-A partner the Drillers. The explosion went viral and thereby became the biggest recent news of any baseball happening in the city.

Unless you consider what three Dodger prospects have done lately.

Since May 14, the Drillers’ Cody Bellinger, Alex Verdugo, Willie Calhoun — Dodger prospects Nos. 5, 6 and 15 respectively — have been explosive at the plate.

Bellinger is batting .371/.441/.771 with four home runs since then. Verdugo is hitting .323/.436/.588 with two homers. Calhoun is batting .333/.400/.583 with two homers. Bellinger and Calhoun each had a four-hit game during the stretch.

Prior to that, they collectively hit .239/.293/.366 in 334 combined plate appearances.

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