Honors await Kenley Jansen, but his relationship with Don Newcombe is truly something to cherish

2016 HS05 Dodger Insider cover

By Jon Weisman

When I set out to do our latest cover story for Dodger Insider magazine on Kenley Jansen, the initial idea was to talk to the big reliever about his potential first All-Star appearance, or his approach toward the Dodger career save record.

But quickly the story switched to an angle I was only too happy to explore — Jansen’s close relationship with Dodger legend Don Newcombe.

“He’s my father in the United States,” Jansen said. “That’s what it feels like.”

“I think he’s a fine human being, a fine human being,” Newcombe emphasized. “He’s like a son to me, and he wants me to just be a part of his life. That’s all. No big deal, no instructions or anything, just a part of him.”

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jansen is 28 years old. Newcombe turns 90 in one week (his birthday will be celebrated at Dodger Stadium with his bobblehead night this evening). Generations separate them, but their connection runs deep — and it was a joy just to see how much.

Read the entire story by clicking here.

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