All-Star pregame words from Jansen and Seager

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Cary Osborne

Two hours before the 87th All-Star Game’s first pitch tonight, Kenley Jansen and Corey Seager made their way onto the field at Petco Park for batting practice. Six-time All-Star Clayton Kershaw is in the building as well.

Jansen and Seager shared some last-minute excitement for their first All-Star Game …

Kenley Jansen

On finally reaching All-Star Game day:

It’s a blessing. All I can say is it’s a blessing.

On the whole experience:

The experience of last night was awesome. Now I just have to be ready for any inning they want me to pitch.

Corey Seager

On Home Run Derby champ Giancarlo Stanton:

He was unreal. That’s unbelievable how far he hits the ball, how hard he hits the ball. That’s what fans come to see. It was cool. Really fun.

On finally reaching All-Star Game day:

It’s unreal. If you’re not excited during this, it’s hard to get excited about anything.

On meeting MLB commissioner Rob Manfred when he took the field today:

He just thanked me for the Home Run Derby. I thanked him. It’s an honor for me, not really an honor for him. It was exciting for me. A bunch of fun.

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