ThinkCure! Weekend 2016 arrives Saturday-Sunday


ThinkCure! Weekend 2016 takes place this Saturday and Sunday, August 13-14, at Dodger Stadium, when the Dodgers host the Pirates. All support from ThinkCure! Weekend goes to City of Hope, a world leader in cancer and diabetes research and treatment.

City of Hope is more than a medical center. It is more than a research facility. It is an independent biomedical research and treatment institution that is truly one of a kind. Physicians take the most compassionate patient-focused care available and combine it with today’s leading-edge medical advances.

City of Hope’s research has led to synthetic human insulin, now used worldwide by millions of people with diabetes, as well as the technology used in so-called “smart” cancer drugs, which have helped revolutionize cancer treatment.

The comprehensive cancer center was also a pioneer in bone marrow and stem cell transplants — and the program is now one of the largest, most successful programs of its kind in the world. Physicians have performed more than 13,000 bone-marrow and stem-cell transplants, with survival rates that are unparalleled.

Support ThinkCure! here or click for more information.


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