A.J. Ellis talks about his farewell from Dodgers

Ellis 2

A.J. Ellis spoke to reporters shortly after receiving the news of being traded to Philadelphia. The audio can be played above.

— Jon Weisman



Hating the front office right now… so sad…

Thanks for sharing the interview!

AJ – a class act from the beginning to the end. We will miss you!!! I only hope you will return to the Dodgers someday as a coach.

A.J. Will Be Missed Greatly. Wishing A.J. nothing but the very best.

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

This trade hurts, but it gets A.J.’s coaching career going. New faces. New challenges. It just stinks he’s no longer part of the playoff push.

It is a sad day.
AJ didn’t deserve this.
Loyalty is gone.

This will go down as
A pretty smart move, I think.
Though I feel your pain.

Sadly, I think your right. Although the VORP of Roddick is wearing me extra thin!

Agreed, but loyalty appeals most to those left behind. I understand the move, too, but still makes me sad.

Have to hope he’ll be back as a coach, maybe a manager one day, class act

A.J. was key part of the Dodgers success in recent years, and on top of that, and more importantly, a very decent human being. We were lucky to have him wear the Dodger uniform and want to wish him the best going forward. In Vin’s words, A.J. is trending right now. We will miss A.J.

The Dodgers had two of the classiest guys in baseball. But Vin’s retiring and AJ got tossed aside like a used up coffee filter. I’m glad I could hear what AJ had to say, but my Dodger Blue heart is broken, and I’m afraid to ask who’s next. It’s bound to be a case of if I have to ask I sure don’t want to know.

Unfortunately baseball is not just a game anymore…its big business. It will be strange not seeing A.J.catching for Clayton Kershaw anymore… he did a great job and will be missed. I wish him success with the Phillies…..just not against us. Thanks for the memories.

These are the types of days I hate being a lifetime Dodgerfan……

Magic and the Partners, when can we trade these beancounters to Philadelphia where they belong?!?!?!

A.J.you will be greatly missed especially by Kershaw whom you’ve been catching for it seems like forever. doing your great job as usual. we all will miss seeing you in dodger blue. its a sad day for all dodger fans.we thought youd be a round for the play offs.i guess friedman forgot what you did for the dodgers in the play offs. friedman needs to go back to tampa where he came from, when are magic and the brain trust going to get tired of friedman wasting there money on has been, broken down arm surgery pitchers. Reddick was a waste of a minor league player.he cant even hit his own weighti hope he leaves at the end of the season.

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