As streaks end, Dodgers go down Hill

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

By Jon Weisman

When Rich Hill struck out Brandon Drury in the second inning tonight, that gave him 27 consecutive outs — the final batter he faced September 3, plus all 21 on September 10 and the first five Diamondbacks this evening.

The next hitter, former Dodger minor-leaguer Kyle Jensen, homered. In his 21st inning as a Dodger, Hill had given up his first run.

Things started to unravel slowly after that. Arizona scored another run in the third inning, then sported a Big 5 in the fifth against Hill and Louis Coleman, on their way to a 7-3 victory over Los Angeles.

Hill was charged with four earned runs for the first time in 2016. Coleman, who hadn’t allowed a run or inherited run since July 22, was hit with both, the topper being a three-run homer by 18-game veteran Mitch Haniger.

Down 7-1 in the seventh, the Dodgers scored twice with nobody out, but their next nine hitters were retired. Chase Utley, who had reached base his first four times up, made the final out.


Well the good news, a magic number will be reduced no matter what. With Cards and Giants playing each other, one will lose and either it’ll reduce the MN for division (currently at 13), or MN making PO (currently 12). So of course if Cards win tonight it’ll be same number.

I’m betting Hill is “thinking” “COULD HAVE” & Roberts stopped it for the Greater Good when were not even sure we will make it to the greater good, especially with the lack of support from the players “yeah” defense is great but where the hell is the offense, there was a time not to long ago we/they didn’t worry about it at the beginning of the game cause you could almost guarantee in the late innings full steam ahead and we’d find a way to win. But what’s happening now??? My opinion: Roberts did what he felt he had to, yes “For the Greater Good” So Hill being the competitive possible hardhead in his own way played the way he feels………..I have no doubts he’ll shake it off, but I believe when we are all pushed against a wall, we react the only way we can, and that’s by what we feel. Pitchers need to believe that the players have their backs, How many times have we heard that from managers, and/or media. I don’t think they only mean my defense!

Another pretty bad game for Grandal behind the plate. This is becoming a fairly common occurrence.

Nothing much to say except that last night was just another loss. Got to get those bats going.

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