Two Vin Scully covers next week for Dodger Insider


Here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Dodger Insider magazine for September 19-24. This will be distributed at auto gates (one per vehicle) and via Fan Services for those who use alternate transportation.

As is the case with the Special Commemorative Edition that will be given at the ticket gates to the first 50,000 fans September 25, the September 19-24 edition has been dedicated to celebrating the life and career of Vin Scully. The main difference is the September 25 edition will have the special commemorative cover. Existing subscribers will receive the September 25 commemorative issue.

Looking forward to you getting your copy …

— Jon Weisman



Reblogged this on Dodger Blue World and commented:
Looking forward to getting these two Dodger magazines with Vin Scully on the cover. They are small and free. That last weekend at Dodger Stadium is going to be very emotional. Get your kleenex ready.

I’ll take a box of kleenex and pass it around to my fellow season ticket holders.
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