Four swings, four homers — one Vin

Today is the 10th anniversary — unbelievably — of the greatest game at Dodger Stadium this century, the 4+1 Game. To celebrate the occasion, here’s a sneak peak from this week’s Dodger Insider magazine tribute to Vin Scully, in which we relive the night through his words.

Click here to read the entire story.

— Jon Weisman


Jon, maybe your greatest retelling of the 4+1 yet. Succinct, but bit everything and the wonder packed in. There’s just one element, that was a key to the game, that goes unmentioned. The reason why Trevor Hoffman was so unready was that he had already warmed up during the top of the ninth when the score was 6-5. But when the Padres made it 9-5, no longer a save opportunity, he was sat down again and Adkins brought in to end it. It was only when Adkins gave up the two home runs that Hoffman was rushed back in after he had interrupted his preparation, with insufficient time to get back into shape. I expect Vin had something to say about that: he was in awe of Hoffman.

This was my first year following the Dodgers, following baseball. I will never forget that game. I remember saying to people the next day “I don’t think I’ll ever see another game like that!” And I haven’t. Vin Scully – and Dodger Thoughts too – helped make it memorable to me.

I wonder if this was one of the high points of Dodger Thoughts. It was my first year posting on that wonderful site and recall the joy of that night.
Jon – did you coin the 4+1 Game moniker? Or some one on the site that night? I don’t recall…

That one was me.

Well then: You’re famous!

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