Vin Scully sings at seventh-inning stretch

Vin Scully had a surprise for Dodger fans — his own personal rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the seventh-inning stretch. This one’s a keeper.

— Jon Weisman


The man still has some pipes! Best rendition of one of my favorite songs, ever! Didn’t get to see this on, so thank you again, Jon!

At Wrigley Field, they still say Vin’s rendition of it is the best one they’ve had. He did it the year Harry Caray died, and when they asked him to do it, he said it isn’t the kind of thing he does, but this once, he’d do it. And I remember a wonderful feature story that Bill Plaschke did on him in which Sandi said he sings all the time around the house. I think his singing pipes aren’t QUITE in the shape they were when he sang it in ’98–you can find it on You Tube–but he still could get some work as an Irish tenor if he needs the money for that bigger medicine cabinet (which reminds me that got my wife talking about a home renovation–thanks a lot, Vin).

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