Dodger Stadium waits for spring

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By Jon Weisman

If we had somehow forgotten, Wednesday’s World Series finale between the Cubs and Indians, an instant classic that will be revisited for generations to come, reminded us of why we invest in a team not only over the course of a season, but of seasons.

Today, on the first day of the rest of our offseason, Dodger Stadium killed us with its kindness, with its beauty, with its perfect backdrop for one day more of baseball, if baseball could only just oblige.

For now, our days and nights turn to other things. So the ballpark waits, patiently, for next year to arrive.


well,, we do have the WBC coming soon

AFL, Dominican/Mexican/Venezuelan Winter Leagues, Awards month, Free Agency, arbitration hearings, 3 team trades, Tommy John surgery, baseball rumors, draft scouting reports, draft pick predictions, 40 man rosters and Spring Training. Baseball is never over just because the Boys of Summer have left the field for a well deserved rest. We will be talking baseball until the ump yells “Play Ball” and the first pitch of the 2017 season. Until then we gather info, digest it and wait till the boys come back. No, baseball never ends, it just switches gears.

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