What the Dodgers’ qualifying offers to Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner mean

Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner, who became free agents at the end of the 2016 season, have received qualifying offers from the Dodgers.

Accepting a qualifying offer before the deadline of 2 p.m. November 14 guarantees the player a one-year contract for the 2017 season at $17.2 million. If declined, the Dodgers are still free to negotiate with the player, but would receive draft-pick compensation if either signs elsewhere.

Neither Jansen nor Turner are expected to accept the qualifying offers, and instead would pursue multiyear deals.

Dodger free agents to whom the Dodgers did not commit one-year, $17.2 million qualifying offers include Brett Anderson, Joe Blanton, J.P. Howell and Chase Utley. Fellow free agents Jesse Chavez, Rich Hill and Josh Reddick weren’t eligible for qualifying offers because they were traded midseason.

To reiterate, all of the above players are free to negotiate with the Dodgers or any other team.

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No surprise here.

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