Video: Who was the most underrated Dodger in 2016?

By Jon Weisman

Late in October on Twitter, I asked folks whom they would pick for the most underrated Dodger of 2016.

It was a doubly subjective exercise, integrating not only your own perception of Dodger players but your belief in how others feel as well.

From the dozen or so nominees, I picked out the four with the most mentions and put them in a decidedly unscientific poll, narrowly won by Joe Blanton.

Blanton was a fine choice, but my own vote went to Joc Pederson. In the video above (edited and produced for Dodger Insider by Julian Gooden) I explain why. Enjoy …


Libartore was also underrated. I’ll wonder for a while if he was healthy how much different the playoffs may have been for the Dodgers.

1, great video. i hope you do more of these.
2, this is taking “under-rated” a slightly different direction, but i vote Turner for his reason: the Dodgers’ slow start & then their turn-around tracked with Turner’s injury & recovery. they got better when he got better. i understand rewarding Seager’s consistency, but Turner was the catalyst.

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