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Michael Jackson, Bad

By Josh Tucker

To ensure we don’t get stale over the course of a 162 game season, we often like to spice and mix things up. Vines, GIFs, photos, videos and all that jazz (hands). In social media school, they taught us to be relevant, or something like that.

In St. Louis, we converse with Nelly. We are never short of Will Smith references in Miami or Pirate allusions in Pittsburgh. When ‘N Sync reunited last year, you bet we were ready. Most recently, we instigated an MLB Taylor Swift themed sing-a-long (sorry).

Tonight, on the 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing, things got really Bad. … (more…)

A Reagan Forum with Vin Scully


By Josh Tucker

On Wednesday night, Vin Scully gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The hour is full of stories and memories that will leave you speechless.

Mr. Scully takes the stage at the 6:30 mark. The first full minute mostly consists of an exuberant crowd and a humbled and gleeful Scully. It’s beautiful, and worth watching for that minute alone. Enjoy:

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s a photo from earlier in the evening of Vin Scully high-fiving baby:



Approaching a milestone: 10,000 National League wins

By Jon Chapper/ Dodgers PR

On this date in 1890, the Dodgers won their first National League game, as Mickey Hughes picked up the victory in the club’s 7-6 win at Boston. Now, 124 years later, the Dodger franchise is on the verge of its 10,000th National League victory, but how close is up for discussion: 

  • According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the club picked up its  9,997th win yesterday, putting the franchise just three wins shy of joining the Giants (10,703), Cubs (10,443) and Braves (10,236) as the only MLB franchises with 10,000 wins. 
  • The Dodgers’ media guide had the club entering the 2014 season with 9,972 wins. When the club’s 12 wins this year are added, the franchise would have 9,984 victories.
  • The discrepancy is the club’s 1899 record, listed by the club as 88-42, while Elias has it at 101-47. According to documents uncovered by the Dodger historian Mark Langill from the 1900 version of Reach’s Official Base Ball Guide, the Brooklyn franchise had 18 games thrown out of its 1899 record due to an illegal player, Zeke Wrigley, and another infraction. These documents have been submitted to Elias

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.55.42 PM

Two (three) Opening Days are better than one

By Josh Tucker

While the rest of Major League Baseball celebrates their first Opening Day, here’s a look at the Dodgers’ first two Opening Days.

As you may know, the Dodgers first Opening Day took place in Sydney, Australia. After arriving Down Under:


Olympian Kate Hansen on Dance Cam


By Josh Tucker

Olympic dancer and professional luger  — strike that, reverse it — Kate Hansen commandeered the Dance Cam at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night. You may remember her from the Sochi Olympics from her time on the track, but you most likely remember from her time dancing to any of Beyonce’s tracks, because her dance moves are next level.

After tweeting:

The Dodgers invited her to participate in the in-game entertainment and Kate said, “Bring it.”:

The @Dodgers invited her to choose the song — a silly question. Beyonce. Obviously. The rest is predictable. Beyonce came on and Kate Hansen shut it down. Unfortunately, we do not have the digital rights to “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce, so here are a couple of GIFs of her performance:


032714_katehansen_2At the end of the day, we’re here to make life better:


A little flair Down Under


By Josh Tucker

At the Sydney Cricket Grounds, the beauty is in the details. The bunting along the porches at the century old Members Pavilion. The rich red clay imported from California. It has been done right, and it’s the subtleties of Sydney that truly stick out.

JocBatOne of my favorite details is the addition of customized Australia stickers at the base of the bats. It may have gone unnoticed, but walking by Joc Pederson in the batting cage, the Dodgers prospect pointed it out. It’s safe to say, he’s enjoying all facets of his first Major League road trip.

Clubhouse Manager Mitch Poole designed the decals to commemorate the trip Down Under. The stickers use the clubs secondary logo with the iconic red numbers and were made by a company based out of Florida called Pro Helmet Decals.

The Dodgers’ Mount Rushmore


By Josh Tucker

For decades, sports fans have used Mount Rushmore as the foundation for the debate of who is the greatest — the faces of the sport.

The rules are simple, you get four choices. However, your answers do not come without consequence — ask Lebron James.

On Monday’s SportsNet LA broadcast, Orel Hershiser posed the question, “Who do you think should be on the Dodgers’ Mount Rushmore?” The conversation continued on Twitter with hundreds of fans weighing in:


Others included Pee Wee Reese, Hideo Nomo, Branch Rickey and Walter O’Malley. So we’ll ask one more time, who is on your Dodger Mount Rushmore?

Has Brian Wilson been working on a knuckleball?

By Josh Tucker

The day before Game 3 of the 2013 NLCS, we watched Brian Wilson have a catch with bullpen buddy Brandon League. The duo appeared to be getting loose with Brian Wilson messing around with what looked (to the untrained eye) to be a knuckleball. Among admirers were Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu:

Today, as Ken Gurnick noted, Brian Wilson’s first pitch today looks a lot like a knuckleball.

Is this something Brian Wilson is adding to his arsenal for 2014?

The @Dodgers shooting ball logo

@DodgersShootingBallBy Josh Tucker

Originally designed by Lon Keller, the iconic Dodgers script was introduced in the 1930s. Over the years, the team’s primary logo has undergone several evolutionary tweaks, with the latest modifications made by the organization in 2011.

What were the changes? According to Dodgers director of graphic design Ross Yoshida:

The goal was to simply fix a few problematic areas. The red outline of the ball and the streaks had to be thickened (and line weights made consistent) so the logo would reduce better. The script was also ‘sharpened’ a bit and the pesky transition from the ‘g’ to the ‘e’ was given a much smoother transition than its predecessor.


In 2013, challenged to make a logo for the Dodgers social media channels, the Dodgers signature logo was given perhaps its greatest modification since the introduction of the shooting ball — the replacement of the shooting ball with the shooting @symbol. The @Dodgers Shooting Ball Logo is approved for Dodgers social media use — and today, the logo was introduced as the new @Dodgers Twitter avatar.


We have been asked a number of times where you can download the Dodgers current Twitter header — well, for reading this post, here you go:


Dan Haren, go fish


By Josh Tucker

Dan Haren has never tried fish — not tuna on a sandwich, lox on a bagel, or sushi on rice! Not even once. This news comes from a media scrum earlier today. Thankfully, Eric Stephen of True Blue LA and Bill Plunkett of the Orange Country Register were on hand to live-tweet the conversation as it transpired:

Dodgers blogger, Mike Petriello stands with Dan:

The Sons of Steve Garvey looks towards Dan Haren’s past for an explanation:

Fans asking the tough questions:

Mike Trout could not be reached for comment. We’re still searching for the Blue Heron joke. If you figure it out, let minnow.